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Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Information Services in Windows Server 2008 Learn to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot an Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 Web Server in Windows Server 2008.

Listen, watch, do and learn through these in-depth interactive expert-led learning lessons.

This course is recommended as a prerequisite course for the Windows Server MCITP Server Administrator or Enterprise Administrator learning paths.

2 levels - 57 modules - 6 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: Internet Information Services 7 (2 levels)
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MULTI USER: Internet Information Services 7 (2 levels)
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Course Instructor: Sean-Philip Oriyano

Sean has been actively working in the IT field since 1990. In that time he has held positions ranging from support specialist to consultant and senior instructor. Currently, he is an IT instructor who specializes in infrastructure and security topics for various public and private entities. Some of his clients include the US Air Force, US Navy, and US Army and various other clients at locations around the globe. He is a published writer having been published on,,, and He has also created training courseware for companies such as Microsoft and Autodesk.

He is certified as a CISSP, CHFI, CEH, CEI, CNDA, SCNP, SCPI, MCT, MCSE, and MCITP, and he is a member of EC-Council, ISSA, Elearning Guild, and Infragard.

Course Outline

Level 1

Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Information Services in Windows Server 2008
Chapter 1: Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 Web Server
  • Introduction
  • Exploring Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0
  • Typical Workloads
  • Adding the Web Server Role
  • Installing IIS 7.0 Demo
  • IIS 7.0 Configuration Options
  • Application Pools
  • Adding an Application Pool Demo
  • Configuring Application Pools Demo
  • Recycling Application Pools Demo
  • Summary
Chapter 2: IIS 7.0 Application Settings
  • Introduction
  • Application Settings
  • Security and ASP.NET
  • Native Module Functionality
  • Using and Installing Managed Modules
  • Adding Features to IIS Demo
  • Summary
Chapter 3: Securing an IIS 7.0 Web Server and Web Sites
  • Introduction
  • Hardening Web Servers and Sites
  • Security Features in IIS
  • Configuring Other Aspects of Web Server Security
  • Configuring Logging for IIS 7.0
  • Configuring Logging Demo
  • Summary
Chapter 4: Configuring Delegation and Remote Administration
  • Introduction
  • Working with Remote Administration
  • Feature Delegation
  • Delegation Demo
  • Summary
Level 2

Chapter 5: Command-line and Scripting for IIS 7.0
  • Introduction
  • Administrative Tools in IIS
  • Benefits of Using Powershell
  • Using Scripts for Administrative Tasks
  • Summary
Chapter 6: Tuning IIS for Improved Performance
  • Introduction
  • Overview of Optimization
  • Server Consolidation
  • Improving IIS Performance
  • Optimizing Application Pools
  • Grouping Processes into Application Pools
  • Backing up and Restoring Web Sites
  • Restoring Web Sites
  • Shared Configurations
  • Benefits of IIS on DFS-enables Share
  • Deploying Configuration Files on DFS-enabled Share
  • Network Load Balancing (NLB) and IIS
  • Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) Demo
  • Summary
Chapter 7: Troubleshooting IIS 7.0 Web Servers
  • Introduction
  • Using IIS 7.0 Logging for Troubleshooting
  • When to Monitor for Critical Errors
  • Selective Logging for an Application
  • Tips for Logging
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Communication Issues
  • Troubleshooting Configuration