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Windows Server 2008 (Exam 70-642) Network Infrastructure Configuration

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Learn from AtHand Learning's experts and prepare to certify your knowledge of the Technology Specialist exam 70-642. This course will prepare you to configure IP Addressing, Names Resolutions, Network Access as well as File and Print Services.

If you are looking to become certified, the ExamPack set will provide all the tools you'll need to accomplish your goal...guaranteed.

If you or your department are looking for reference and learning materials to prepare for a deployment or configure and maintain an existing installation, the Single User and Multi-User sets are for you.

5 levels - 105 modules - 15 learning hours


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EXAMPACK: Windows Server 2008 (70-642) Net. Infra. Configuration (5 levels + ExamPrep)
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1 YR ONLINE, Practice Exams$499.00Add To Cart
SINGLE USER: Windows Server 2008 (70-642) Net. Infra. Configuration (5 levels)
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MULTI USER: Windows Server 2008 (70-642) Net. Infra. Configuration (5 levels)
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Course Instructor: Sean-Philip Oriyano

Sean has been actively working in the IT field since 1990. In that time he has held positions ranging from support specialist to consultant and senior instructor. Currently, he is an IT instructor who specializes in infrastructure and security topics for various public and private entities. Some of his clients include the US Air Force, US Navy, and US Army and various other clients at locations around the globe. He is a published writer having been published on,,, and He has also created training courseware for companies such as Microsoft and Autodesk.

He is certified as a CISSP, CHFI, CEH, CEI, CNDA, SCNP, SCPI, MCT, MCSE, and MCITP, and he is a member of EC-Council, ISSA, Elearning Guild, and Infragard.

Course Outline

Level 1

Introduction: Configuring and Troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure

Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2008
  • Introduction
  • Installing Windows Server 2008
  • Server Roles and Features
  • Initial Configuration Tasks Demo
  • Overview of the Server Core Installation
  • Summary
Chapter 2: The Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Introduction
  • Installing the DNS Server Role
  • Installing the DNS Server Role Demo
  • Configuring the DNS Server Role
  • Configuring the DNS Server Role Demo
  • Configuring DNS Zones
  • Configuring DNS Zone Transfers
  • Configuring DNS Zone Transfers Demo
  • DNS Maintenance
  • Summary
Level 2

Chapter 3: Working with WINS
  • Introduction
  • A Look at WINS
  • WINS Name Resolution Process
  • Adding WINS Role Demo
  • Summary
Chapter 4: Configuring and Troubleshooting DHCP
  • Introduction
  • The Role of DHCP
  • Installing DHCP Server Role Demo
  • DHCP Scopes and Options
  • Configuring DHCP Scope Demo
  • Managing a DHCP Database
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting DHCP
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting DHCP Demo
  • DHCP Security
  • Summary
Chapter 5: Working with IPv6 TCP/IP
  • Introduction
  • Exploring IPv6
  • Configuring IPv6 Demo
  • Coexistence with IPv6
  • Configuring DNS Support in IPv6 Demo
  • IPv6 Tunneling
  • Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6
  • Troubleshooting IPv6
  • Summary
Level 3

Chapter 6: Routing and Remote Access
  • Introduction
  • Configuring Network Access
  • Installing Remote Access Service Demo
  • Configuring VPN Access
  • Overview of Network Policies
  • Connection Manager Administration Kit
  • Connection Manager Administration Kit Demo
  • Troubleshooting RRAS
  • Summary
Chapter 7: Network Policy Server Role Service
  • Introduction
  • Managing a Network Policy Server
  • Adding the Network Policy Server Role Demo
  • Configuring RADIUS Clients and Servers
  • NPS Authentication
  • Maintaining a Network Policy Server
  • Summary
Chapter 8: Network Access Protection
  • Introduction
  • Overview of Network Access Protection
  • How NAP Works
  • Initial Configuration of NAP Demo
  • Configuration of NAP
  • Maintaining NAP
  • Summary
Level 4

Chapter 9: Configuring IPsec
  • Introduction
  • Overview of IPsec
  • Configuring IPsec Settings Demo
  • Configuring Connection Security Rules
  • Configuring Connection Security Rules Demo
  • Working with IPsec NAP Enforcement
  • Summary
Chapter 10: Monitoring and Troubleshooting IPsec
  • Introduction
  • Monitoring IPsec
  • Troubleshooting IPsec
  • Summary
Chapter 11: The Distributed File System (DFS)
  • Introduction
  • DFS Overview
  • Installing the DFS Services Role Demo
  • Configuring DFS Namespaces
  • Creating a DFS Namespace Demo
  • High Availability of a Namespace
  • Creating a Folder and Folder Target in DFS Demo
  • Exploring
  • Summary
Chapter 12: Configuring and Managing Storage Technologies
  • Introduction
  • Storage Management Overview
  • File Server Resource Manager
  • Configuring Quota Management
  • Implementing File Screening
  • Managing Storage Reports
  • Summary
Level 5

Chapter 13: Availability of Network Resources and Content
  • Introduction
  • Backing Up Data
  • Installing the Backup Feature Demo
  • Configuring Shadow Copies
  • Configuring Windows Shadow Copies Demo
  • Providing Server and Service Availability
  • Summary
Chapter 14: Configuring Server Security Compliance
  • Introduction
  • Windows Infrastructure Security
  • Security Configuration Wizard Demo
  • Securing Servers with Security Templates
  • Working with Audit Policy
  • Windows Server Update Services
  • Managing WSUS
  • Summary