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7 Steps to A Lot More Sales

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This course is a comprehensive marketing and sales training course designed to help business owners and marketing managers discover “hidden” sales opportunities within their business.

Upon completion participants will be able to implement the "7 Steps" and new bonus step on Internet Marketing to unlock the “hidden” sales opportunities discovered. The course has a proven track record of creating sales and profit increases in all types of businesses.

3 levels - 34 modules - 9 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: 7 Steps to A Lot More Sales (3 levels)
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MULTI USER: 7 Steps to A Lot More Sales (3 levels)
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Course Instructor: Richard Johnson

21st Century Marketing Systems, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Richard H. Johnson who published – 25 Ways to Increase Sales Without Spending an Extra Dime on Advertising through CRISP publications. Richard’s experience implementing the company’s unique 7 STEPS TO A LOT MORE SALES system with businesses in all industries and his Masters in Business Degree combine to train consultants and business owners throughout the world .

21st Century Marketing Systems, Inc. has established over 200 affiliated marketing offices throughout North America and Europe helping thousands of businesses increases sales and profits without spending more money. The system is endorsed and used by Manufacturing Extension Partnerships within the Department of Commerce and the International Guild of Professional Consultants to certify over 2000 members in marketing and sales consulting expertise.

Course Outline

Level 1

1.0 Traditional Definition of Marketing
  • 1.1 “Lean” Marketing System
2.0 Company Benefits
  • 2.1 Three Ways to Grow
  • 2.2 Optimize and Leverage
  • 2.3 Marketing Assets
3.0 Step 1: Unique Selling Proposition
  • 3.1 Effective USPs
  • 3.2 What is my USP?
  • 3.3 Multiple USPs
  • 3.4 Four Steps
  • 3.5 Handle on USP
4.0 Step 2: USP Integration
  • 4.1 Obstacles
  • 4.2 Checklist
  • 4.3 Qualifying and Presenting
  • 4.4 USP vs. Slogan
Level 2

1.0 Step 3: Database Marketing
  • 1.1 Implementation
2.0 Step 4: Marketing Alliances
  • 2.1 Alliance Examples
3.0 Step 5: Custom Advertising
  • 3.1 Situational Analysis
Level 3

1.0 Step 6: Community Relations
  • 1.1 Releases
2.0 Step 7: Direct Marketing
  • 2.1 Direct Marketing Uses
  • 2.2 Direct Marketing Components
3.0 Bonus: Internet Marketing
  • 3.1 Sales Increase
4.0 Implementing the 7 Steps
  • 4.1 Mistakes
5.0 Marketing Assets
  • 5.1 Case Studies