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Linux - LPI 101

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Let subject matter expert Lamont Peterson teach you all about Linux. All the while Lamont will help you prepare to pass your Linux Professional Instutitute exam for the LPI 101.

This course is available in two versions, while the courses are identical they are designed to auto play on different types of computers.

5 levels - 37 modules - 15 learning hours


Available Options

SINGLE USER: LPI 101 (5 levels)
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1 YR ONLINE, e-Study Guides$399.00Add To Cart
CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$399.00Add To Cart
MULTI USER: LPI 101 (5 levels)
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CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$798.00Add To Cart
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Course Instructor: Lamont Peterson

Senior Instructor at Guru Labs and author of numerous articles and guides on installing, setting up and administering a Linux environment. Lamont has been actively involved in the Linux community for many years.

Course Outline

LPI 101
Topic 101: Hardware & Architecture
  • Configure Fundamental BIOS Settings
  • Configure Modem& Sound Cards
  • Setup SCSI Devices
  • Setup Different PC Expansion Cards
  • Configure Communication Devices
  • Configure USB Devices
Topic 102: Linux Installation & Package Management
  • Design Hard Disk Layout
  • Install a Boot Manager
  • Make & Install Programs from Source
  • Manage Shared Libraries
  • Use Debian Package Management
  • Use Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)
Topic 103: GNU & Unix Commands
  • Work on the Command Line
  • Process Text Streams Using Filters
  • Perform Basic File Management
  • User Streams, Pipes, & redirects
  • Create, Monitor, & Kill Processes
  • Modify Process Execution Priorities
  • Search Text Files Using Regular Expressions
  • Perform Basic File Editing Operations Using VI
Topic 104: Devices, Linux File Systems & Hierarchy Standard
  • Create Partitions & File Systems
  • Maintain the Integrity of File Systems
  • Control Mounting & Un-mounting File Systems
  • Managing Disk Quota
  • Use File Permissions to Control Access
  • Manage File Ownership
  • Create & Change Hard & Symbolic Links
  • Find System Files & Place Files in Correct Location
Topic 110: The X Window System
  • Install & Configure XFree86
  • Setup a Display Manager
  • Install & Customize a Window Manager Environment