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Windows Server 2008 Deployment

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Let AtHand's expert help you gain an understanding of migrating and deploying Windows Server 2008. Learn about installation, upgrading and configuration, using the Microsoft Deployment Tool.

4 levels - 65 modules - 12 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: Windows Server 2008 Deployment (4 levels)
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MULTI USER: Windows Server 2008 Deployment (4 levels)
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Course Instructor: Sean-Philip Oriyano

Sean has been actively working in the IT field since 1990. In that time he has held positions ranging from support specialist to consultant and senior instructor. Currently, he is an IT instructor who specializes in infrastructure and security topics for various public and private entities. Some of his clients include the US Air Force, US Navy, and US Army and various other clients at locations around the globe. He is a published writer having been published on,,, and He has also created training courseware for companies such as Microsoft and Autodesk.

He is certified as a CISSP, CHFI, CEH, CEI, CNDA, SCNP, SCPI, MCT, MCSE, and MCITP, and he is a member of EC-Council, ISSA, Elearning Guild, and Infragard.

Course Outline

Level 1

Deploying Windows Server 2008
Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2008
  • Introduction
  • Windows Server 2008 Setup Improvements
  • Installation Changes in Windows Server 2008
  • Potential Compatibility Issues
  • Windows Server 2008 Installation Checklist
  • A Word About 64-bit Processors
  • Pre-Installation Checklist
  • Exploring Windows Server Core
  • Windows Server Core Installation 1 Demo
  • Windows Server Core Installation 2 Demo
  • Why Not Windows Server Core?
  • Implement a Licensing Strategy with KMS and MAK
  • Initial Configuration Task Wizard Demo
  • Summary
Chapter 2: Server Core Configuration
  • Introduction
  • Server Core Basic Configuration
  • Configuring Roles In Server Core
  • Installing Roles on Server Core Demo
  • Summary
Level 2

Chapter 3: Windows Unattended Installation Options
  • Introduction
  • Unattended Windows Server 2008 Installation
  • Unattended Deployment Scenarios
  • Troubleshooting Unattended Installations
  • Unattended Domain Controller Installation
  • A Word About Read Only Domain Controllers
  • Summary
Chapter 4: Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  • Introduction
  • Windows Deployment Services
  • Differences in WDS
  • Windows Deployment Services Introduction
  • Windows Deployment Service Server and Client
  • Upgrading and Interoperability Moving from RIS to WDS
  • Working with the WIM Format
  • Creating and Editing WIM Files
  • Summary
Chapter 5: Windows Server Deployment Toolkits
  • Introduction
  • Choosing an Imaging Strategy
  • Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
  • Maintaining Images
  • Summary
Level 3

Chapter 6: Active Directory Upgrade/Migration Issues
  • Introduction
  • Windows Server 2008 Upgrade Overview
  • Upgrading 2003 Domain Controllers to Server 2008
  • Changes to Windows Server 2003
  • Active Directory Upgrade Sequence
  • Summary
Chapter 7: Upgrading Servers to Windows Server 2008
  • Introduction
  • Upgrading File and Print Servers
  • File Server Storage Changes
  • Upgrading Web and Application Servers
  • Application Server Installed on Server Core
  • Upgrading Remote Infrastructure Servers
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • Summary
Level 4

Chapter 8: Migrating Workloads to Microsoft Virtual Machines
  • Introduction
  • Microsoft Server Virtualization
  • About Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Using VSMT to Migrate Workloads to Virtual Servers
  • Summary
Chapter 9: Optimizing Windows Server 2008
  • Introduction
  • Hardware Guidelines
  • Networks Guidelines
  • Workload Considerations
  • Domain Controller Optimization Tips
  • Summary