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Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-294) Active Directory Infrastructure

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This course maps to MCSE 2003 Exam 70-294. Learn to describe the logical and physical components of Active Directory; create and configure a forest and domain structure; plan and implement an organizational unit structure, Active Directory user accounts, and a Group Policy strategy to centrally manage users; deploy, manage, and troubleshoot software that is deployed using Group Policy; implement sites to manage and monitor Active Directory replication; plan and implement the placement of domain controllers, global catalog servers, and DNS servers that are integrated with Active Directory; plan and manage operations masters; back up, restore, and maintain Active Directory; and plan and implement an Active Directory infrastructure.

5 levels - 71 training modules


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MCSE 2003 (Exam 70-294) - Set of 5 w/ SelfTest Practice Exam (Individual License)
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MCSE 2003 (Exam 70-294) - Set of 5 (Individual License)
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MCSE 2003 (Exam 70-294) - Set of 5 (Library License)
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Course Instructor: Kevin Wolford

Kevin Wolford started his computer career in 1983. He has been a technical writer, network administrator, and trainer. Kevin spent many years with Novell and is a CNI and Master CNE. In 1998 Kevin founded Tech Training, giving him a chance to test his training concepts on live labs. He is also an MCSE, MCT, and is certified in SMS, SQL Server, TCP/IP, NT Workstation, NT Server, Exchange Server, Windows 9x and 2000. Kevin has authored Microsoft certification books for New Riders and Sybex. He also owns a consulting company dedicated to teaching complex technical topics in a simple way.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Installation
Active Directory Structure
  • What is Active Directory?
  • Logical Structure
  • Physical Structures
  • Server Roles
  • Working with Active Directory
Installing Active Directory
  • Requirements and Process
  • Forest Root Domain
  • Child Domain
  • Domain Tree
  • Replica Domain Controllers
  • Renaming Domain Controllers
  • Removing Domain Controllers
Lesson 2: Configuration
Active Directory/DNS Integration
  • Locating Active Directory Resources
  • AD Integrated Zones
  • Functional Levels
  • Trusts Types
  • Creating Trusts
  • Managing Trusts
Organizational Units (OU)
  • Overview of OUs
  • Planning OUs
  • Creating OUs
  • OU Delegation
Lesson 3: Management
Active Directory Accounts
  • Groups
  • User Account Management
  • Windows Script Host
Active Directory Management
  • User Principle Name
  • Moving Objects
  • Moving Within Domains
  • Moving Between Domains
Planning Account Strategy
  • Naming
  • Password Policy
  • Authentication
  • Group Strategy
  • Auditing
Lesson 4: Group Policy
Group Policy Objects
  • Purpose
  • Controls
  • Creating GPOs
Managing GPOs
  • Refresh Interval
  • Working With GPOs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Delegation
  • Planning
Software Management
  • Windows Installer
  • Deploying Applications
  • Specialized Deployment
  • Deployment Maintenance
Lesson 5: Infrastructure Design
  • Replication
  • Creating Sites
  • Site Planning
  • Troubleshooting
Server Roles
  • Global Catalog Servers
  • Domain Controller Placement
  • Operations Master Roles
  • Database
  • Backup
  • Restore