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Outlook 2003

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Manage information, communicate with others, and organize your work with Outlook. This comprehensive course enables you to master all the functions of the most widely used collaboration tool available today. Whether you are new to Outlook, upgrading from a previous release, or need to obtain your MOS certification, through step-by-step instructions, this course enables you to master Outlook 2003. Like all of our courses, it is the best training, using the best technologies, at the most competitive price in the industry.

3 levels - 90 traning modules


Available Options

SINGLE USER: Outlook 2003 (3 levels)
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DVD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart
1 YR ONLINE, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart
CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart
DVD-Video, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart
MULTI USER: Outlook 2003 (3 levels)
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DVD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$298.00Add To Cart
CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$298.00Add To Cart

Course Instructor: Diane Poremsky

  • Author of Microsoft Press's Outlook books
  • Internationally recognized Outlook expert
  • Industry Leading IT Trainer
  • Microsoft Certified Instructor

Course Outline

Outlook 2003 Level 1
Introduction to Outlook
  • Starting Outlook
  • Getting to Know the Outlook Interface
  • Exploring Outlook
  • Using the Reading Pane
  • Creating New Folders
  • Using a Toolbar
  • Using Outlook Today
  • Using Views
Sending Email
  • Composing a New Message
  • Formatting a Message
  • Replying to & Forwarding Messages
  • Redirecting Responses Automatically
  • Message Options
  • Attachments
Using Address Books
  • Adding & Editing a Contact
  • Sending a Message from the Address Book
  • Creating & Using Distribution Lists
  • Importing & Exporting Address Books
  • Displaying Contacts in Various Views
Printing in Outlook
  • Printing Items in Outlook
  • Print Options
Cleaning up Outlook
  • Deleting Items
  • Recovering Deleted Items
Getting Help
  • Getting Help & Online Help
Outlook 2003 Level 2
Using the Calendar
  • Setting Up your Work Schedule
  • Calendar Views & Display Options
  • Additional Display Settings
  • Other Users’ Folders / Shared Calendars
Planning Meetings & Appts.
  • Creating, Editing, & Recurring Appts.
  • Setting Appt. Reminders
  • Meeting Requests
  • Finding an Appointment
Using Tasks
  • Creating a Task
  • Task Request
  • Scheduling Time for A Task
  • Setting Task Default Options
Using the Journal
  • Creating a Journal Entry
  • Creating Automatic Journal Entries
  • Editing a Journal Entry
  • Working with Journal Entry Views
Using Notes
  • Creating & Using Notes
  • Configuring & Viewing Notes
Organizing Messages
  • Using Organize
  • Creating Personal Folders
  • Moving & Copying Messages
  • Automating Your Mailbox
  • Customizing Tool Bars
  • Creating a New Toolbar button
Customizing Views
  • Creating Custom Views
  • Using Views
Using Outlook’s Anti-Spam Tools
  • Enabling Outlook’s Junk Email
Assigning Delegates
  • Delegate Permissions
  • Sharing Folders
Outlook 2003 Level 3
Advanced Mail Message Options
  • Automatic Spell Checking
  • Creating a Signature in Outlook
  • Setting the Default Message Font
  • Setting the Default Stationary
Finding, Recalling, & Resending Messages
  • Finding Mail Messages
  • Using Activities Tab
  • Search Folders
  • Recalling & Resending
Archiving Outlook Data
  • Using AutoArchiving
  • Retrieving Archived Items
  • Disabling AutoArchive
  • Setting Archive Properties for Items
Public Folders
  • Creating a Public Folder
  • Public Folder Conversations
  • Public Folders
Multiple Email Account
  • Creating Additional Email Accounts