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Oracle 10g - Managing Oracle 10g for a Small Business

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Managing Oracle 10g for a Small Business teaches the fundamental skills for managing an Oracle database environment. Students will learn now to install Oracle software, setup a new database, manage users, manage storage, manage security, add software patches, and manage data. The emphasis is on teaching someone new to an Oracle environment how to successfully manage an Oracle database. The Oracle Installer and Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) wizards and graphical user interfaces will be used to simplify the introduction to an Oracle environment. By the end of class attendees will have gone through the main tasks required to manage an Oracle database environment.

6 lessons - 98 training modules - 18 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: Managing Oracle 10g for a Small Business (6 Lessons)
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1 YR ONLINE, e-Study Guides$479.00Add To Cart
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MULTI USER: Managing Oracle 10g for a Small Business (6 Lessons)
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Course Instructor: George J. Trujillo Jr.

George J. Trujillo Jr. George has specialized in Oracle technologies such as RAC, Data Guard, Streams, JDeveloper, Oracle Application Server, RMAN, Forms and Reports for many years. George has written advanced Oracle and Java certification tests and is a major presenter at numerous International Oracle and Java Users Group conferences. In addition to his 20+ years of technical experience, George has delivered internationally over 250 technical training courses and seminars. George is the President and CEO of Trubix Inc., a company specializing in delivering leading edge technical training, consulting and courseware in Oracle10g, Linux, Internet strategies, Application Servers, XML, Java, .Net and Web services.

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Installing an Oracle Database
  • The Oracle Universal Installer
  • Oracle10g Standard Edition
  • Following Best Practices
  • Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)
  • Installation Options
  • Steps for Creating an Oracle Database
  • The Database Creation Assistant (DBCA)
  • Defining Installation Options
  • The Installation Process
  • Creating the Oracle Database
  • Validating the Installation
Level 2
Understanding the Oracle Environment
  • Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
  • Using OEM to Manage Your Oracle Environment
  • Features of OEM
  • Main Components of OEM
  • The OEM Central Console
  • The Main Components of an Oracle Instance
  • Managing Oracle Memory
  • Oracle Database Files
  • Different Database Files
  • Oracle Storage Options
  • Understanding How Oracle Works
  • Oracle Concepts & Terminology
  • Oracle Networking Software
  • Overview of Oracle Products & Tools
  • SQL *Plus
  • SQL Worksheet
  • SQL Scratchpad
  • The OEM Web Site
Level 3
Using OEM for Database Management
  • Starting Up an Oracle Instance & Database
  • Shutting Down an Oracle Instance & Database
  • Creating Database User Accounts
  • Managing Database User Accounts
  • Managing Default User Accounts
  • Implementing Password Management
  • Understanding Oracle Security
  • System and Object Privileges
  • Granting & Revoking Privileges
  • Working With Roles
  • Creating a Simple Backup
Lesson 4
Managing Memory & the Oracle Instance
  • Using OEM to Manage Oracle Memory
  • Initialization Files
  • Using an SPFILE
  • Using an init.ora File
  • SPFILE or init.ora File
  • Oracle Network Services
  • Changing Oracle Memory & Configurations
  • Using an Oracle Dedicated Server
  • Using an Oracle Shared Server
  • Performing Normal Maintenance on an Oracle Instance
  • Oracle Network Services
  • Setting up Oracle Networking
  • Using Oracle Net Manager to Manage Listeners
  • Testing Oracle Networks
  • Customizing the Library
Lesson 5
Managing & Configuring the Oracle Database
  • Understanding an Oracle Database
  • Database Configuration Options
  • Setting Up Data Files
  • Setting Up Control Files
  • Creating Redo Log Groups
  • Managing Redo Log Groups
  • Creating Redo Log Members
  • Managing Redo Log Members
  • Mirroring Redo Log Members
  • Setting Up Control Files
  • Mirroring Control Files
  • Adding Data Files
  • Modifying Data Files
  • Moving Database Files
  • Removing Control Files
  • Removing Redo Log Groups
  • Removing Redo Log Files
Lesson 6
Managing Storage & Schemas
  • Data Fuiles Versus Tablespaces
  • Setting Up Storage for Applications
  • The System Tablespace
  • Data Tablespaces
  • Index Tablespaces
  • Undo Tablespaces
  • Temporary Tablespaces
  • Additional Tablespaces
  • Adding Database Storage
  • Modifying Database Storage
  • Adding Data Files
  • Modifying Data Files
  • Adding/Removing Control Files
  • Adding/Removing Redo Log Groups
  • Adding/Removing Redo Log Files
  • Working With Tables
  • Table Maintenance
  • Working With Indexes
  • Index Maintenance
  • Managing Schema Objects