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Organizational Communications

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Communication is the most important determining factor for success in the business world. This course is a must for those wishing to become effective communicators. Content Includes such topics as a verbal and non-verbal communication, persuasion, conflict and anger, and listening.

1 lesson - 28 training modules - 3 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: Organizational Communications (1 Lesson)
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MULTI USER: Organizational Communications (1 Lesson)
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Course Instructor: Joe Tucker

Joe Tucker, a consultant/trainer for Intelligent Concepts, Inc. has extensive experience in technologies such as DNS, DHCP, VPNs and TCP/IP routing and configuration. He has trained many clients on use of Technology and trains in a classroom and lecture environment on how to install and administer Windows NT/2000/2003. His experience in the deployment of operating systems and applications as well as controlling and maintaining user environments and data is extensive. Joe has taught at Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers throughout the United States. Joe’s certifications include: CTT Certified Technical Trainer, Cisco Certified Network Associate – CCNA, Microsoft Certified Product Specialist Certification, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Course Outline

What is Communication?
  • Power Tool
  • Communication Components
  • Personal Filters
Verbal Communication
  • Planning Conversation
  • I Feel – You Feel
  • Don’t Do and Keep Doing
  • This or That
Non Verbal Communication
  • Proximity
  • Orientation
  • Elevation
  • Touch
  • Face and Eyes
  • Body
  • Clothes
  • Voice
  • WlllFM
  • Stories/Metaphors & Analogies
  • Fell Felt Found
  • Self Persuasion
Conflict and Anger
  • Your Own Anger
  • Anger of Others
  • Active vs. Reflective