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OpenOffice Calc

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Impress is the slideshow/presentation component of It allows you to create, edit, save, and show slideshows and presentations. If you’ve ever used a presentations application like Microsoft® PowerPoint, it shouldn’t be hard to learn Impress. This course shows you the Impress way to do the most common presentation functions.

This course comes in two versions. While the training is the same each runs on a different Operating System (Linux and Windows).

3 levels - 92 training modules


Available Options 1.1 Calc - Set of 3 (Individual License)
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CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart 1.1 Calc - Set of 3 (Library License)
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CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$298.00Add To Cart 1.1 Calc - Set of 3 (1 Year Access)
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1 YR ONLINE, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart

Course Instructor: Dennis P. Taylor

Dennis P. Taylor has spent over 14 years presenting PC software training to individuals in classrooms and seminars, including employees at Amoco, IBM, and many other companies. He specializes in spreadsheet software and has co-authored several books for spreadsheets. Dennis brings a combination of in-depth knowledge and training experience to his spreadsheet training courses. Watch and Learn in minutes with Dennis.

Course Outline

Level 1
The Calc Screen Environment
  • Documents & Sheets
  • Menu Bar & Context Menus
  • Columns & Rows
  • Navigation
Entering Data
  • Data Entry Techniques
  • AutoFill Entry Techniques
  • Erasing Data
  • AutoInput
  • Undo & Redo
Entering Formulas
  • Entering Formulas
  • Repeating a Formula in Adjacent Columns
  • Additional Formulas
Basic Calc Functions
  • Summation & Averaging
  • Recalculating Effects & Hierarchy of Operations
  • Other Functions—Function AutoPilot
  • Object Toolbar
  • Adjusting Column Widths & Row Heights
Changing Worksheet Layout
  • Inserting Columns, Rows & Cells
  • Deleting Columns, Rows & Cells
  • Moving Cells
  • Copying Cells
Saving, Opening & Closing Documents
  • File Save or File Save AS
  • Opening & Closing a File
  • Creating a New Calc Document
Help System
Level Summary
Level 2
Additional Formatting
  • Cell Attributes & Alignment
  • Boarders & Gridlines
  • Numeric Formatting
  • Centering Text
  • Hiding/Unhiding
Conditional Formatting
  • Based on Values
  • Based on Formulas
Adjusting Worksheet Views
  • Freeze Layout
  • Horizontal/Vertical Split Screens
  • Show Formulas/Numbers
  • Auto-Outline
  • Using Page Bread Preview
  • Printing Controls
Find & Replace
  • Using Find & Replace
Dates & Times
  • Using the Dates & Times as Values
  • Date & Time Functions & Series
Overview of Charting
  • Quick Chart Creation
  • Chart Types
  • Titles, Gridlines & Scaling
  • Formatting Basics
  • Printing & Copying Charts
Level 3
Using Cell Reference
  • Absolute References
  • Mixed References
Naming Cells
  • Assigned Names to Cells
  • Additional Creation Methods
Formula Auditing Techniques
  • Tracing Dependent Cells
  • Tracing Precedent Cells
The IF & VLOOKUP Functions
  • IF Functions & Relational Operators
  • Logical Operators (AND & OR) with the IF Function
  • Nested IF Functions
  • Getting Data From Tables with VLOOKUP
Additional Functions
  • Statistical—COUNT, COUNTA, RANK & LARGE
  • Financial—PMT & FV
  • Power Functions—COUNTIF & SUMIF
Multi-Sheet Calc Documents
  • Renaming Sheets
  • Inserting & Deleting Sheets
  • Moving, Copying & Grouping
  • Formulas Across Multiple Sheets
Overview of Database Features
  • Sorting Data
  • Creating Subtotals
  • Filtering
  • Data Pilot
  • Data Validity