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OpenOffice Impress

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Impress is the slideshow/presentation component of It allows you to create, edit, save, and show slideshows and presentations. If you’ve ever used a presentations application like Microsoft® PowerPoint, it shouldn’t be hard to learn Impress. This course shows you the Impress way to do the most common presentation functions.

This course comes in two versions. While the training is the same each runs on a different Operating System (Linux and Windows).

3 levels - 84 training modules


Available Options 1.1 Impress - Set of 3 (Individual License)
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CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart 1.1 Impress - Set of 3 (Library License)
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CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$298.00Add To Cart 1.1 Impress - Set of 3 (1 Year Access)
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1 YR ONLINE, e-Study Guides$149.00Add To Cart

Course Instructor: Amy Arndt

Amy Arndt has over 20 years of experience in computer software training. Her teaching experience includes: Microsoft Office Suite, Corel WordPerfect Office Suite,, Novell GroupWise Administration, and GroupWise Client classes. In addition to product training, Amy has taught train-the-trainer courses for employees of organizations such as; Proctor and Gamble, University of Chicago, Hunter Douglas, Clark County, WordPerfect Corporation and Novell Inc.

Course Outline

Level 1
Getting Started with Presentations
Create a Presentation Interface
  • Toolbars
  • Slide Tabs
  • Workspace Views
Getting Help
Working with Slides
  • Renaming
  • Changing Slide Sequence
  • Deleting a Slide
  • Changing a Slide Layout
Working with Text
  • Centering & Editing Text
  • Creating a Text Box
  • Importing & Moving Text
  • Changing the Font
  • Font Effects
  • Text Animations
  • Changing the Case
  • Alignment
  • Spacing
  • Bullets
  • Use styles to Copy Formatting
Graphic Images
  • Insert a Graphic Image on a Slide
  • Move, Resize, Delete & Copy Objects
Saving & Playing a Presentation

Level 2
Drawing Tools
  • Draw Options on Main Toolbar
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Scaling & Sizing Objects
  • Moving & Rotating Objects
  • Arranging, Aligning & Flipping Objects
  • Converting Objects
Placing, Wrapping & Formatting text Inside a Shape
  • Text Inside and Object
  • Using Fontworks
Using Charts & Graphs
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Modifying Chart Type
  • Modifying Chart Format
  • Adding & Removing Chart Elements
Inserting a Spreadsheet
  • Creating a Spreadsheet
  • Editing a Spreadsheet
Using OLE Objects in a Presentation
  • Inserting an OLE Object
  • Editing an OLE Object
Proofing Tools
  • Spell Check and Find & Replace
Combining Presentation Files
  • Copying Slides from One Presentation to Another
  • Combining Presentations
  • Creating a Summary Slide
Level 3
Master Slide
  • Master Slide Styles
  • Working with the Master Slide
  • Headers, Footers & Slide Background
  • Removing & Modifying Slice Background
Using the Preview Window
  • The Preview Window & Modes
Applying Animation Effects
  • Animating Objects
  • Animating Text
  • Animation Extras
Slide Transitions
  • Transition Dialog Options
  • Adding Slide Transitions
Custom Slide Shows
  • Setting Up a Custom Slide Show
  • Playing a Custom Slide Show
Slide Show Options
  • Slide Show Settings
  • Rehearse Timings
  • Hiding & Showing Slides
Presentation Tools
  • Configuring Handouts
  • Adding Speaker Notes
Printing Presentations
  • Configuring the Slide Format
  • Printing Slides, Handouts & Speaker Notes
Presentations & The Internet
  • Exporting a Presentation as HTML
  • Viewing the Exported (HTML) Presentation
  • Emailing a Presentation