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Red Hat to SUSe Linux Migration

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Designed for Red Hat Linux administrators, this course provides the administration tools and system configurations in a SUSE Linux environment. This course covers the following topics: SUSE Linux administration tools (YaST), SUSE Networking, Kernel differences between Red Hat and SUSE Linux, and SUSE Linux system tuning. Pre-requisites: Learner must understand Red Hat Linux administration concepts.

3 levels - 56 training modules


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Red Hat to SUSE Linux Migration (Windows version) - Set of 3 (Individual License)
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Red Hat to SUSE Linux Migration (Windows version) - Set of 3 (Library License)
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Red Hat to SUSE Linux Migration - Set of 3 (1 Year Access)
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Course Instructor: Dr. Chris Brown

Dr. Brown is one of the four core consultants for First Technology Transfer out of Carshalton, Surrey, UK. He heads up FTT's Linux training. He holds a BA in theoretical physics and a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics, both from Cambridge University.

Dr Brown obtained his core experience as a Research Fellow at Sheffield University. He has 21 years experience of teaching UNIX and more recently Linux, to IT Professionals and has logged more than 6,000 hours of classroom teaching experience. He has taught for Sheffield University, and IBM UK Learning Services, in addition to his ongoing work with FTT. He has authored the book “Unix Distributed Programming” published by Prentice Hall, and is a regular contributor of tutorial content to the magazine “Linux Format” and has written numerous hands-on training courses, acted as technical editor on other training courses.

Dr. Brown has been heavily involved in providing the internal technical training on SUSE Linux to Novell’s Consultants, and to their IS&T Staff. Currently Dr. Brown is working with Novell to deliver internal training for the Novell Linux Desktop in support of Novell’s internal rollout of product. In addition to extensive experience of SUSE Linux, Chris has used Red Hat Linux and Fedora, and holds his Red Hat Certified Engineer (RCHE) Certification. He also has recently received his Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP) Certification.

Course Outline

Level 1
The Big Picture
  • Key Similarities
  • Key Differences
  • Key Features & Components
  • Comparison of Version Numbers
Installing SUSE Linux
  • Key Decisions During Installation
  • Installation from CD’s
  • Installation from a Network Server
  • Using AutoYaST
Level 2
System Configuration
  • Introduction to YaST
  • Installing Software
  • YaST Online Update (YOU)
  • Printer Configuration
  • Partition Management
  • Logical Volume Management
  • SUSEconfig
User Management
  • Managing Users & Groups
  • Managing Users & Groups Using YaST
  • Setting Account Creation Defaults
Network Configuration
  • Command Line Configuration
  • Configuring Network Interface
  • Configuration in /etc/sysconfig/network
  • Hotplug Support for Network Interface
Level 3
System Security
  • File Permissions
  • SUSE Firewall Configuration
  • PAM Configuration
Service Management
  • Managing Services Manually
  • Run-levels & Startup Scripts
  • Run-level Configuration Using chkconfig & innserv
  • Run-level Configuration Using YaST
  • Service Start-up via xinetd
Filesystem Organization
  • FHS Compliance & Differences from Red Hat
  • Mount Points for Removable Media
Kernel Issues
  • The /proc Filesystem
  • Turning Kernel Parameters with the sysctl Command & YaST
  • User Mode Linux
Migration Overview
  • Migration Priorities
  • Things Worth Saving
  • Data Migration
Account Migration
  • Migrating the Passwd, Shadow & Group Files
  • Migrating the NIS Accounts
  • Migrating LDAP Accounts
Desktop Migration
  • Migrating E-mail to Kmail
  • Migrating your Address Book
  • Migrating Browser Bookmarks