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OpenOffice Training Bundle

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This bundle is a complete suite of 1.1 training courses. This bundle includes OpenOffice.org1.1 Writer, OpenOffice.org1.1 Calc, and OpenOffice.org1.1Impress.

Training for 1.1 courses are available for those migrating to on Linux, or for those Migrating to on Windows.

This training is available in versions that will run on a Windows system or a Linux system.

3 courses - 8 levels - 228 training modules


Available Options Training Bundle - Set of 8 (Individual License)
Makau Course Demo  Makau Course Cover - Box Shot  
CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$305.00Add To Cart Training Bundle - Set of 8 (Library License)
Makau Course Demo  Makau Course Cover - Box Shot  
CD-ROMs, e-Study Guides$610.00Add To Cart Training Bundle - Set of 8 (1 Year Access)
Makau Course Demo  Makau Course Cover - Box Shot  
1 YR ONLINE, e-Study Guides$305.00Add To Cart

Course Instructor: Various

This learning product is a selection of many of the training courses offered by AtHand Solutions. As a compilation, there are a number of our highly qualified and knowledgeable subject matter experts chosen by AtHand as instructors for the courses contained in this product.

Course Outline 1.1 Writer
  • Getting Started
  • Working with Documents
  • Using Styles
  • Formatting a Document
  • Customizing Styles
  • Working with Templates
  • Creating & Printing Envelopes
  • Managing Document Contents
  • Using Tables
  • Merging Documents with Data
  • Dressing Up Documents
  • Managing Large Documents 1.1 Calc
  • Entering Data
  • Entering Formulas
  • Basic Calc Functions
  • Formatting
  • Changing Worksheet Layout
  • Saving, Opening & Closing Documents
  • Help System
  • Additional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Adjusting Worksheet Views
  • Printing
  • Find & Replace
  • Dates & Times
  • Overview of Charting
  • Using Cell Refe
  • Naming Cells
  • Formula Auditing Techniques
  • The IF & VLOOKUP Functions
  • Additional Functions
  • Multi-Sheet Calc Documents
  • Overview of Database Features
  • Impress
    • Getting Started with Presentations
    • Create a Presentation
    • Interface
    • Getting Help
    • Working with Slides
    • Working with Text
    • Formatting
    • Graphic Images
    • Saving & Playing a Presentation
    • Drawing To
    • Placing, Wrapping & Formatting text Inside a Shape
    • Using Charts & Grap
    • Inserting a Spreadsheet
    • Proofing Tools
    • Spell Check and Find & Replace
    • Combining Presentation Files
    • Master Slide
    • Using the Preview Window
    • Applying Animation Effects
    • Slide Transitions
    • Custom Slide Shows
    • Slide Show Options
    • Presentation Tools
    • Printing Presentations
    • Presentations & The Internet