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GroupWise 5.5/6.0 to 6.5 Upgrade

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This expert led course provides you with the knowledge you'll need to quickly make the transition from GroupWise 5.x/6.0 to GroupWise 6.5 including the sending and receiving of email, spell checking, resending and retracting items, dealing with attached documents, using the GroupWise calendar for both personal and group appointments, using the new Contacts, Junk Mail and the other new features of GroupWise 6.5.

1 level - 44 modules - 2 learning hours


Available Options

SINGLE USER: GroupWise 5.5/6.0 to 6.5 Upgrade (1 level)
Makau Course Cover - Box Shot  
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1 YR ONLINE$49.00Add To Cart
CD-ROMs$49.00Add To Cart
MULTI USER: GroupWise 5.5/6.0 to 6.5 Upgrade (1 level)
Makau Course Cover - Box Shot  
DVD-ROMs$98.00Add To Cart
CD-ROMs$98.00Add To Cart
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Course Instructor: Rick James

Rick James has worked in the computer industry since 1985, when he began his career as a computer science major working for WordPerfect Corporation. His interests later turned from software development to business and marketing within the computer industry. James was a co-founder of Makau Corporation. His goal is to provide good technical and business training in laymen's terms. He presents complex concepts in ways that all employees in an organization or an individual student can understand.

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