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Delegation - Leveraging Through Others

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This course will teach you delegation techniques to allow you to develop your subordinates, train them in all aspects of the business, use your human resources most effectively, and open your time up for items that need your particular set of skills.

Enjoy Dr. Casey McNeal unique style of presentation as he guides you through this learning process

1 level - 16 modules - 3 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: Delegation - Leveraging Through Others (1 level)
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MULTI USER: Delegation - Leveraging Through Others (1 level)
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Course Instructor: Casey McNeal

Casey has been speaking professionally for over nine years. His diverse professional background and his life as a stand-up comic have prepared him for the life that he now lives and loves. His students love his light-hearted format and come away from this course excited and well-prepared to apply their new skills immediately.

Course Outline

1.0 Principles of Leadership
  • 1.1 Three See's of Leadership
  • 1.2 Keys to Effective Coaching
  • 1.3 Building Relationships of Trust
  • 1.4 Benefits of Delegating
  • 1.5 Why We Fail to Delegate
  • 1.6 Creating Motivational Relationships
2.0 Motivation

3.0 Involvement

4.0 Delegation Techniques

5.0 Communication Techniques
  • 5.1 Active Listening
  • 5.2 Non-Verbal Communication
6.0 Delegation Formula
  • 6.1 Delegation Review
  • 6.2 Feedback