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Creativity and Innovation

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Are creative people just born that way or can it be learned? Is innovation like a lightening strike or is there a way to bring about successful innovation again and again? Learn how to increase creativity and innovation in yourself and your organization.

1 level - 19 modules - 3 learning hours


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SINGLE USER: Creativity and Innovation (1 level)
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MULTI USER: Creativity and Innovation (1 level)
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Course Instructor: Casey McNeal

Casey has been speaking professionally for over nine years. His diverse professional background and his life as a stand-up comic have prepared him for the life that he now lives and loves. His students love his light-hearted format and come away from this course excited and well-prepared to apply their new skills immediately.

Course Outline

Course Introduction
1.0 The Nature of Creative Thinking
  • 1.1 Creativity--Nature or Nurture?
  • 1.2 Challenging Beliefs
2.0 Developing Your Creativity
  • 2.1 Capturing the WOW Factor
  • 2.2 Getting Creative and Staying There
  • 2.3 Humor and the Creative Process
  • 2.4 Characteristics of Creative Individuals
  • 2.5 Exercise--Connect the Dots
  • 2.6 Exercise--Define Creativity
3.0 Generating Unique Ideas
  • 3.1 Creative Thinking Principles
  • 3.2 Adaptive Creativity Technique
  • 3.3 Benefits of Brainstorming
  • 3.4 Brainstorming Techniques
  • 3.5 Brainstorming Amplifiers
  • 3.6 Guilford/Torrance Analysis
  • 3.7 Idea Validation Techniques
  • 3.8 Techniques of Innovative Environments