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Time Management

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Make time work for you. Time management is more than prioritized task lists. learn how to get the most out of each day and still have time to do the things you enjoy.

1 level - 17 training modules


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Time Management (Individual License)
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Time Management (Library License)
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Time Management (1 Year Access)
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Course Instructor: Casey McNeal

Casey has been speaking professionally for over nine years. His diverse professional background and his life as a stand-up comic have prepared him for the life that he now lives and loves. His students love his light-hearted format and come away from this course excited and well-prepared to apply their new skills immediately.

Course Outline

Time Managing and Self Mastery
  • What can you control
  • Managing your priorities
  • Clear off the desk and Staying on Task
  • Signals of the High Priority Project
  • Goal Setting and Importance of Goals
How to set SMART Goals
  • Importance of Goals
  • Exercises: Are these objectives SMART?
Managing your Time and Stress
  • Focusing on the Results
  • Focus on the Outcome
  • Timeline Task Tracking Technique
  • Validation Rules for List Items
Daily To-Do List & Organizing Daily Tasks
  • Why it’s important
  • The Key Time Needed to Keep on Track