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Problem Solving

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At the heart of management and the ability to advance with in a company is problem solving. In this course, learn how to assess problems, consider all possible resources, and follow a proven process to the right solution. Join Dr. Casey McNeal as he discusses in detail how to become a master problem solver.

1 level - 13 training modules


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SINGLE USER: Problem Solving (1 level)
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Course Instructor: Casey McNeal

Casey has been speaking professionally for over nine years. His diverse professional background and his life as a stand-up comic have prepared him for the life that he now lives and loves. His students love his light-hearted format and come away from this course excited and well-prepared to apply their new skills immediately.

Course Outline

Course Introduction
1.0 People and Problem Solving
  • 1.1 Obstacles
  • 1.2 Expanded vs. Focused Views
2.0 Problem Solving Techniques
  • 2.1 Drill Down or Why Technique
  • 2.2 Risk Management
  • 2.3 Team Involvement
  • 2.4 Acheiving Concensus
  • 2.5 SWOT Analysis
  • 2.6 DMAIC
3.0 Decision Making Techniques
  • 3.1 Pareto Analysis
Course Conclusion