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Common Sense

It makes sense that the better qualified someone is to do the job, the more likely they are to succeed. Success for the company is measured in maximum productivity. Success for the individual is measured in job security and potential for performance-based raises. When people are properly trained to do the job everyone succeeds.

Common Problems
  • How can I afford to develop my faculty's skills when I can barely afford to keep them employed?
  • Where do you find classes that are flexible enough to not conflict with business?
  • How do we transition to paperless testing when programs are being cut left and right?
  • How can I be sure that I'm getting a return on my investment?

People ask these questions (and more) everyday when looking at training and testing solutions for themselves and their organizations. By addressing these problems and many more we want to be your solutions provider as well.

Uncommon Solutions

AtHand Solutions is dedicated to solving the problems in a way that follows common sense principals; keep it simple, get results, and listen to the customer. In doing so, our purpose is to stand out from the thousands of generic options that have flooded the market in the past 10 years.

Training Solutions

AtHand's unique course licensing model helps you find solutions that have a quick return on the investment by keeping the implementation costs low and the results high. Whether you need a single course for yourself or need to provide an organization-wide training solution, we can help.

AtHand Solutions provides an extensive library of lessons that have been instructionally designed and produced to help accomplish your goal to develop a skill. We have "kept it simple" by presenting the lessons in a format that closely resembles one-on-one mentoring. Imagine having the expert mentors "on call" when and where you need them. We help you "get results" by following a proven learning methodology to keep on topic and allow you to direct the learning pace. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned from one or many of our courses in the past 6 years. We "listen" to their feedback to ensure that the lessons and technology that delivers them work the way you expect them to.

For more information about our training solutions, contact us.

Testing Solutions

Our world is ever more aware of the need to lessen our environmental impact by shifting the ways we do business, live our lives and even the way we take tests. Online testing allows you to save both the environment and your money. So regardless of the type of "green" that is on your mind, our solution is the smart way to test. AtHand Solutions has "kept it simple" by using the established testing methods and standards. We help you "get results" by putting technology to work for you. And we "listen" and react to your feedback to ensure we continue to meet your needs, now and in the future.

The AtHand Testing System is ideal for:
  • Certification Testing
  • Quizzes
  • Benchmarking
  • Surveys

Whether you need to provide a proctored exam, dual authenticated login process, randomized answers and questions, audio and visually enhanced questions, drag and drop answers or just the standard true/false and multiple choice style questions, we deliver.

For more information about our testing solutions, contact us.

Management Solutions

Coordinating training and testing can be a daunting task without a little help from technology. AtHand Solutions has developed and refined technology tools for training, testing, student management and reporting. These tools "keep it simple" by doing most of the work for you, allowing you to focus on your business and not ours. We help you "get results" without getting in the way by providing flexible access and installation options to meet your needs.

These technology tools include:
  • Navigator
  • Learning Management System
  • Test Management System

After years of research we have "listened" and decided to focus on the core goals of "learning the skill", "testing the skill" and "managing the process" without adding unnecessary time- and budge-consuming elements. The results have been praised by many for their refreshing approach. After all, technology (at its best) should be nearly invisible to the overall experience and make an everyday process more convenient.

For more information about our management solutions, contact us.